Seagate Systems

Data Without Limits

Our systems integrate the best Seagate technology and components into a fully optimized and cost-effective architecture. This unique value, coupled with our flexible configurations, ensures that storage will no longer define the boundaries of data's potential. With Seagate systems, data has no limits.

Modular Storage Enclosures
Up to 84 high performance disks in only 4 rack units
Flexible storage building blocks for OEMs and systems integrators
Expand capacity of existing system or build appliances from the ground up
Hybrid and All-Flash Arrays
Best price for latency performance in its class at 400K IOPS
Components engineered and tested to work together for ultimate reliability and speed
Help to ensure business continuity by allowing access when and where it's needed at only 1ms latency

Modular Storage Enclosures

Our modular and standards-based architecture allows OEMs and application developers to take advantage of industry-leading, enterprise-class enclosures as the underlying platform for their solutions. This series of products offers the storage building blocks to deliver a more powerful, intelligent and secure storage foundation.

Hybrid and All-Flash Arrays

Our components are precisely engineered, integrated and tested to work seamlessly together: the enclosure, the controller, the drives and the software make for a completely optimized end-to-end system. This is not an ad hoc system of pieces and parts, but a purposefully built solution with a lower TCO that delivers performance, capacity, speed and reliability exactly when and where it's needed.