Hybrid and All Flash Arrays

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RealStor starts with innovative components that are purposefully built and tested to function seamlessly together to deliver performance, capacity, speed and reliability exactly where and when it's needed, with the lowest TCO. We fully integrate data storage components so they're engineered and tested to work flawlessly together: the enclosure, the controller, the drives and the software create a completely optimized end-to-end system. The result is not just pieces and parts that aren't engineered to work together, but far better storage building blocks that create a solid data storage foundation.

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Better Value, Better ROI

RealStor balances the value equation by providing enterprise level data storage performance plus more capacity at the lowest TCO in the industry. Every business, of every size and budget, can now satisfy its unique data management needs – today and tomorrow.

The NEW RealStor offers the most cost-optimized entry to All-Flash Arrays (AFA):

  • Lightning fast AFA delivers the best input-output performance in the industry for the given price point
  • Consistent low latency performance
  • Industry leading $/IOP and $/GB when compared to other AFA offerings in the market

Simple, Flexible, Scalable

Time and resources are at a premium in any organization, especially in IT. RealStor solves that challenge by providing the right solution, at the right time, with the right technology. This uniquely reliable system not only provides a smooth and easy out-of-the box experience, enabling users to deploy the technology in minutes, but it is tested and proven to deliver 99.999% up-time using cutting edge technologies such as complex early fault detection algorithms. Components are designed to work together seamlessly - meaning less ongoing maintenance for valuable IT resources.

Plus, the unique modular architecture means components can be individually upgraded and extra capacity added on without incurring the cost of a total system upgrade.

  • Multiple data protection technologies
  • Simple, user-friendly GUI
  • Intermix hardware in a single environment with a common software code base

Competitive Advantage Empowered by Seagate

Insights empower your competitive advantage - and Seagate empowers insights by providing access to your most critical data, where and when you need it. Companies will realize that less IT maintenance means their valuable resources can be utilized to gain actionable business insights, instead of costly, constant maintenance.

RealStor’s proven modular design and technology options are configured for business - not technology for technology's sake. The 5 Series family includes products that meet every need from just keeping the data safe to making it available as fast as possible. Products boast the latest in storage technology:

  • Technology options configured for specific business use cases
  • Real-time tiering software to intelligently usher data to the right resource with no user interaction to eliminate over-engineering the datacenter
  • Industry-hardened data protection schemes to improve data integrity

Beyond the Camera

Seagate Cloud Systems for Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system is more than just the sum of its parts. Because video data compounds every minute of every day and needs to be stored and accessed at any moment, it’s not just the camera or recorder that makes all the difference, but the storage.

Our systems process and manage video content more efficiently by utilizing cutting edge storage technology, intelligent software, and product engineering in every component of the system for flawless functionality.

Because our systems are purpose built for video surveillance, businesses no longer need to worry about today’s HD camera systems and growth in data demanding better and larger solutions. The integrated RealStor 4005 / 5005 will scale, manage, and power your surveillance system for years to come.

Customer Webinar - Riding the Video Wave:
Challenges and Opportunities in Surveillance Storage

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 6th from 1:00 - 2:00PM CDT

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Seagate Storage Systems are trusted and certified by our partners so we can deliver a comprehensive video surveillance solution:

We're experts in storage so you can keep being the expert in your business. We will assess your individual situation and suggest the storage that will work best for you. Contact us