Founded in 2000, Newisys® provides leading-edge data center products including disk-based RAID storage/server appliance platforms and JBOD expansion enclosures, racks and other full solution items targeted for the robust data center environment. Newisys solutions are tailored for integration into OEMs, System Integrator and Internet Data Center partners’ products, reducing development and operating costs while improving time-to-market.

A Newisys partnership provides the highest-level quality design and products synchronized with one of the world's most advanced and comprehensive manufacturing infrastructures and supply chains - a strategy and business model that helps companies respond to pricing pressures on technology products while staying innovative.


When speed matters in high-performance computing (HPC) storage, Seagate and Newisys have one of the fastest flash storage designs. With twenty-one Newisys NSS-2601 with dual NSS-HWxEA Storage Server Modules deployed and Seagate’s 1200.2 SAS SSDs, this solution, combined in a single 42U rack can achieve block I/O performance of 1TB/s with 5PB of storage. Each Newisys 2U server with 60 Seagate SSDs is capable of achieving bandwidth of 49GB/s.

Applications that might benefit most from this flash solution include those where microseconds matter in processing massive amounts of data. These applications might include metadata caches for large data centers, as well as prediction models for financial markets, oil and gas, and weather which are constantly changing and in need of pushing the performance envelope in a constant race against time.

The Seagate 1200.2 SAS SSD is the first 12Gb/s SAS device to optimize dual-channel throughput with up to 1900MB/s sequential reads and offers multiple endurance choices within a single hardware and firmware design. The 1200.2 SAS SSD also protects data from undetected, unintentional corruption and prevents unauthorized access with three levels of security.

As one of the highest storage densities ever achieved in the industry and the potential for new breakthroughs in storage system performance, the Seagate and Newisys partnership enables us to continue to innovate how storage is architected.


  • Aimed at HPC applications, each Newisys storage server features Seagate SSDs capable of 49GB/s, scaling to 1TB/s in a full rack.
  • Takes advantage of what high-performance SSDs can offer without sacrificing space, power, cooling or redundancy.
  • Delivers the data integrity required in the event of an unexpected power loss.