The Red Hat Ceph Storage and Seagate collaborative architecture highlights a solution in which the Nytro accelerator cards uses Ceph as the software-defined storage in a validated reference design that is repeatable and can be leveraged by customers’ partners to adapt to their environments.

Using the Nytro cards for the Ceph distributed storage journals not only increases performance, it frees up drive bays, improving overall efficiency and density. With server-side flash storage, the Nytro cards can be installed directly in the server PCIe slots, allowing for hard disk drive (HDD) slots, which may have previously housed solid state drives (SSDs) for performance, to be used as additional HDD slots to house high-capacity spinning disks instead of SSDs for journal space. Together, Red Hat Ceph Storage and Seagate flash technologies can meet the pace of today’s global market trends by minimizing application latency to dramatically improve computing performance and render data actionable faster.


  • Increase the number of users per block storage
  • Drastically improve read performance and response time
  • Complete all-in-one, rack-level solution
  • Remove the risk of a do-it-yourself deployment with a complete, finely tuned and tested solution for the cloud


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For the many industries running petabyte-scale, cloud-based deployments, Ceph is the clear choice for storage. Red Hat Ceph Storage is a massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system that delivers object and block storage in one self-healing, self-managing platform with no single point of failure. Red Hat Ceph Storage handles data management so enterprises can focus on improving data availability.

With the goal of innovating to solve customer challenges in the datacenter, cloud, and beyond, Red Hat and Seagate have come together to build out an end-to-end, open-source reference architecture for a typical working system, including the rack, network, servers, storage, operating system, software, and setup.