San Jose, CA


StackVelocity® is an end-to-end global service provider for workload-optimized hardware solutions and large-scale data center deployments.. Their services help customers bridge the gap between discrete hardware and software components and a fully functional, fully supported solution, accelerating deployment and reducing technology risk. StackVelocity delivers an end-to-end service offering: design & engineering, validation, integration, configure to order, testing, deployment, global supply chain management and advanced support services. Their complete solutions combine leading hardware with the security of pre-validated solutions that accelerate deployment and reduce technology risk.

As a business unit within Jabil, a US based global manufacturing services company and the third largest contract manufacturer in the world, StackVelocity is engaged with tier 1 and 2 customers in the public cloud market, industry leading partners, as well as SaaS providers and large enterprises.


As a StackVelocity hardware and leading storage partner, Seagate and StackVelocity help integrate, deliver and support Open Stack and HPC solutions. Designed for Open Cloud Server and Open Compute Server workloads, Seagate and StackVelocity collaborate on joint testing and benchmarking across a range of our technologies including StackVelocity’s 2U24 SSD; 1U 4NVMe and Seagate’s SSDs, Nytro flash accelerator cards and Enterprise Capacity 3.5-in HDDs in OCP HatTrick 45 drive JBOD.

Today, Open Stack deployments are predominantly designed to power public and private clouds - as well as enterprises - with standardized, high performance, low-cost, and efficient cloud objectives. StackVelocity offers a complete suite of cloud orchestration, validation and deployment resources for OpenStack. Whether your needs are for an object storage cloud or an HPC deployment, StackVelocity and Seagate can support pre-validated solutions ready to go.


  • Designed specifically for Open Stack deployments
  • Achieves optimized power, thermals and performance with an overall lower-cost-per-gigabyte
  • Pre-tested and validated solutions that accelerate deployment and reduce technology risk.